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Changing the Gun Industry

The decisions by bad actors in the gun industry to engage in reckless and dangerous practices is one of the primary drivers of gun violence in America. Litigation led by the Brady Center’s Legal Action Project has revealed that the industry knows that their sales practices put guns in the hands of gang members, domestic abusers, and other dangerous people. Gun manufacturers know that roughly five percent of gun dealers (the “bad apples” supply 90% of guns used in crime, many through sales to straw purchasers and traffickers – but manufacturers and dealers choose to profit off the criminal market rather than take responsible actions to protect public safety. Instead, they’ve successfully lobbied Congress to provide them with broad immunity from civil liability, and prohibit the release of crime gun trace data that would expose “bad apple” gun dealers and the manufacturers and distributors that supply them.

Brady is leading the fight to change the gun industry and force it to reform by holding gun companies accountable to victims in the courts, and staging protests to challenge “bad apple” gun dealers at their doorsteps. Learn more about the Brady Center’s Legal Action Project and the campaign to Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers.

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