Election Day 2014 Update: Washingtonians can Pass Background Checks on All Gun sales | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Election Day 2014 Update: Washingtonians can Pass Background Checks on All Gun sales

By Zach Stewart

Did you know that TODAY voters in Washington are the only people with the chance to expand background checks on all gun sales?

Election Day is finally here! After months and months of campaigning, Washingtonians can make their state the seventh in the nation – and the fifth since the Sandy Hook tragedy – that has committed to better protect its communities by expanding background checks on all gun sales.

The road to get to today wasn’t an easy one. We’ve spent years facing determined opposition spearheaded by the corporate gun lobby that would rather protect the profits of the gun manufacturers than the safety of the American people. This year, however, concerned citizens have harnessed their incredible passion, united as one powerful force, and redoubled their efforts to make gun violence prevention solutions a priority!

Brady has stood with the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility every step of the way. Our organizing team is on the ground helping to bring victory across the finish line. With thousands of calls from Brady staff and chapters behind us, many hours of work with our allies, the release of a new Brady report highlighting the importance of checks to protect law enforcement, and with the creation of a brand new Brady Chapter in Seattle and hard work from our Vancouver Chapter – we are ready to propel Yes On 594 forward!

If we’re successful, the people will send a clear message across the nation: if our elected leaders won’t act on gun violence prevention, we will!

It’s been incredibly inspiring to be here. To meet the survivors of gun violence committed to building safer communities free from gun violence, and the many volunteers who’ve been knocking on doors in rain and shine, and all of our allies involved because they know this is the right thing to do. Today is just the beginning!