Annual Report | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Annual Report

Brady Impact 2017-2018

Brady’s impact in reducing gun violence in America is significant because only Brady takes a multipronged approach to the diverse causes at the root of our gun violence epidemic.

Brady Impact 2017-2018 Annual Report

Through education, legislation, and litigation, Brady works to eliminate the deaths and injuries caused by America’s gun violence epidemic. Brady’s recently launched End Family Fire campaign is raising public awareness of the 8 children and teens killed or injured every day through improperly stored guns in the home. Brady works to reform or shut down the 5% of gun dealers nationwide who sell 90% of the guns used in crimes. Our Brady endorsed gun violence prevention champions will soon be taking their seats on Capitol Hill and we look forward to working with them to pass life-saving gun violence prevention legislation as outlined in our Three Point Plan. Supporting Brady always has and always will mean lives will be saved through our common sense and comprehensive approach to preventing gun violence.