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About Gun Violence

The Gun Violence Epidemic is Uniquely American

  • 44% of U.S. adults say they personally know someone who has been shot.1
  • On average, 34 Americans are murdered with guns every day and 246 more survive gun injuries.2
  • Every day on average, 59 people kill themselves with a firearm, and 50 people are shot or killed unintentionally.3
  • In 2010, the U.S. gun homicide rate was 25.2 times higher than in 22 other high-income countries.4

Gun Violence Takes a Massive Toll on American Children

  • An average of seven children and teens under the age of 20 are killed by guns every day.5
  • In 2010, the gun homicide rate for American children age 5-14 was 18.5 times higher than for their counterparts in 22 other high-income countries.6
  • Among American youth age 0-19, deaths resulting from firearm homicide occur more frequently in urban counties, while suicide and unintentional firearm deaths are more prevalent in rural counties.7
  • Gun related injuries are the third-leading cause of death for young people ages 1-19 in the U.S.8

Gun Violence is a Drain on U.S. Taxpayers

  • Gun violence is estimated to cost the American economy at least $229 billion every year, including $8.6 billion in direct expenses such as for emergency and medical care. Indirect expenses take the form of impact on victims’ quality of life and victims’ lost wages.9

Americans Support Universal Background Checks

  • 97% of Americans agree that we should have universal background checks.10
  • Since the Brady Bill was passed 25 years ago, over 3 million attempts to purchase firearms have been blocked due to a background check.11
  • 1 out of 5 guns are still sold without a background check.12